please read this we need your help

hey my friend sepiaant8071 is making a machinima ok. right now he is looking for guys who actually know how to forge in halo and guys who have cool maps that he can use for it. so if you know anyone with the skill to build some forge maps for us or has some we can use please message me. also our goal is to make get this machinima to surpass some of the most popular ones on youtube like rise of the spartans and the last war. our main long term goal is to surpass RED VERSUS BLUE…yah it may seem like a long shot but we believe that we can do it, because ever since red versus blue got into the animation they sort of took things a little to far especially when they revealed the faces of some of the characters. so if you can help make this goal happen please help us out. thanks

If you need anyone to voice act, then I would be happy to help, i have had a decent ammount of expierence in voice acting, I am currently voice acting for 2-3 machinimas at the moment but I have time for a 4th. If yo are interested then email me at [Email removed] . I would love to help.

i know im not the best forger but i know that i have major skill, friend me on live and tell me what you want made.

Just a reminder but let’s avoid giving out personal information, okay? :slight_smile: