Please read this 343I

When you are launching the progression system.
(Hopefully a good progression system)
Please make Achilles, Helioskrill, Raider and other armors that required achievements or other progression to get these armor, a part of this progression system.
Let’s say for Achilles: Win 10 or 15 matches of Last Spartan Standing.
For Helioskrill: Complete Halo campaign on legendary.
For Raider: Find all skulls.

Something like this would make Infinite a really good experience and maybe even get players to buy the campaign.

Would also be really cool if you made an Infinite exclusive armor for completing LASO campaign.
And other for other cool challenges like getting ONYX rank and winning different gametypes.

Hope to see you guys do this cool stuff in the nesr future.

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If they add armor for campaign completion I hope that comes with a campaign overhaul.
So many empty structures that scream “Something was supposed to be here but we didn’t have time!”
Add more campaign armors to help that $60 price tag and flesh out the map. Also supplement the progression system.

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Absolutely right.
And to justify the 60$ price they should make the firdt DLC free. Except if the DLC is as big as the campaign itself.

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Unfortunately 343I are un aware of their own forum’s existence st this point.

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When/If they add a progression system, will this reset the ranking again?

For me it depends.
No overhaul, the first DLC should be free, even if it is the same size.
With overhaul, it still would nice to be free, but should be bundled with all DLC.