PLEASE READ! Let's take a stand...hopefully

Hey guys so bare with me here for a minute. I know this is long but please read. I’ve been following a lot of the threads on here over the past week or so about the problems with halo and, what everyone has been talking about of course,the specialization codes. This is my first post here so take it easy on me. Obviously they keep extending deadlines for the code and just blatantly ignore us or choose to keep us in the dark about what they have been working on. I have sent x-play, the show on G4, an email asking them to have a follow up episode on Halo 4 or atleast a segment about its progress so far and to touch on things like the lack of communication and their disrespect for the community up until this point. I’m asking you also to email them about revisiting H4. I do ask though if you do email them to keep it polite and to merely be factual and calm. You don’t want them to think we’re all just trashing 343i and Bungie fan boys or something. I just believe at this point the only way 343i will start to listen to us is if something bigger then just the waypoint forums is talking about these problems. Thank you for your time and please don’t start trashing me. It’s just something I thought of and thought maybe if enough people agreed and did the same 343i would wake up and get their act together.

Really? Nothing? I thought I would’ve been at least torn to shreds by now.

343 are listening to the fans, the reason they are not responding is because there is just to much going on at the moment. they have all the post launch stuff that a normal game has plus then they also have a few thousand angry fans screaming at them. The real question is how do people expect 343i to act? At the moment they are struggling to keep the servers running, making more spartan ops missions and working on new multiplayer maps, while doing all these tasks they are working on bug fixes and other issues which does take time and effort.

I am how ever not defending 343, I do believe that they should be at least keeping the fans in the loop about what’s going on. I just think we are all going the wrong way about trying to get answers. the game was forced out by microsoft to compete with COD for the christmas sales, that is pretty much common known fact. the company that made the game would not be given a say on that but it is there job and responsibility to keep it running smooth and they are the ones getting all the abuse.

I enjoyed all the halo games from launch and I have to say the problems this game has are more than the other games have ever had, but the project is larger than anything that has been done in the world of halo too. All in all I am amazed the game is even working at the moment to be honest but I don’t blame 343 for the games failings I believe that just given more time for development this game could have been the best game the xbox 360 ever got. Maybe they will find a way to create that from what we have because really when you look at halo 4 you have the foundations for something great and they just need to building upon.

All in all I have to say that I think if we just wait then the game will turn into something great, but I also know the halo community and that alone is enough to tell me that just waiting isn’t gonna happen. the halo fan base is so large and has people from all over the world with different ideas and opinions on what halo needs and what they want from halo and until they get what they want they will shout about it. The sad part of all this is that if you look at the number of people complaining about this compared to the number of people playing the game you will notice that although to the shouting is loud, it speaks nothing compared to the figures the game is turning out. Sometimes the loudest crowd isn’t the largest

Rather than tear you to shreds, I’m going to do something generally unheard of on this forum. I’m going to agree with you.

It’s safe to say that 343’s response to this situation has been…unsatisfactory. Given the sheer scope of this problem, and many varieties of failure that have occurred, a handful of "We’ll see what we can do"s from one overworked staffer is akin to trying to spit on a blazing inferno. Still, however, there’s been no official company statement admitting that something went 900 pages of wrong. Another thread mentioned that at roughly 20 posts a page, there are over 17,600 people who are very frustrated right now, and that number is still growing as we speak as people begin to lose the little patience they had. Even rounded down and assuming some people posted multiple times, the number as of right now has to be well over 16,000 people.

I for one think G4 won’t cut it. I’d like to see Forbes take this on. During the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco, Forbes had excellent coverage addressing the issue from the standpoint of the gamers let down by the endings, and the business responsible for them. One person in particular, Paul Tassi, had some excellent articles on the matter. I think he’d do an excellent job addressing this issue as well. At the moment I’m considering contacting him myself, to see if he might be willing to look into it and if he would consider writing something up.

Glad I’m not the only one who thought of doing something like this. I’d love to hear what happens when you contact him