(Please read) Lag and getting banned

Ok so I was playing HCEA, MM Wednesday, November 30th. Playing like normal, the I put in my Reach disk, and play infection, the lagging is horrific, and everyone’s connections are the worst they could get. (Note I had not committed any crime to get this) I was playing, and the game lagged, incredibly bad, in the middle of lagging, I get this message THAT I GOT BANNED!!! I didn’t do anything, to even remotely get banned!!! I was playing by the rules as I usually do!!! I talked to a Microsoft admin, and he said that he’s been getting a lot of complaints about the same deal I had. C’mon 343i fix these bloody problem so I can rank up!!!

To be honest, if I lag out of more than 3 games in a row, I stop playing matchmaking.

Everybody knows that the banhammer can’t tell the difference between quiters and lagging out.

Besides, if you are having laggy game after laggy game, it’s probably your connection.
Try turning your router off and on again, giving it 30 seconds or so to power down.

Hm, that’s not a bad idea, thanks.