First things first I’m glad to see the BR back but I’m sad to say that I hate it now. I hate the fact that it’s hitscan… What happened to leading your shots. Not only that but it’s way too over powered. You don’t even have to use headshots! Not a precision weapon! In addition the new custom loadout system blows… Now everyone and anyone can use the BR/DMR and it totally defeats the purpose of the game. Getting double teamed is imminent death; you have absolutely no chance of surviving. The whole game is based around dominating the power weapons on the map (BR and DMR included) now that everyone has the BR and DMR, the entire advantage of having them completely deteriorates. The loadout system destroyed the balance and fairness of the game. I say go back to the loadout system that bungie used in halo reach, and force everyone to battle for the best weapons. It makes sense and it works… I’ve had a lot of time to think this through. I’m an experienced halo player of a fairly good skill level and this game just doesn’t feel right to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one. 343 I know it’s tough to follow up bungie’s incredible work but do us all a favor “don’t fix what ain’t broke” I say don’t change what bungie’s established because everyone loved/loves it and it works. I have confidence that you’ll do much better with halo 5: guardians because of the feedback you get from the players. I’m telling you, this advice will help for future halos, so I recommend you consider it… Good luck 343 God bless