What I’m about to say will make Halo 5 a great game. 343 if u guys put this in as a update u will have more players I guarantee, if u can’t put all of this in , hopefully u can put at least some.
1st. Put break out as a ranked playlists cuz it takes skill unlike team doubles.
2nd. Not the ranked playlists but the social playlists (that are not ranked) make it where u can vote for the map and it gives u 3 map choices but make sure it can’t be the same map over and over to balance it out.
3rd. Make it where u can sell more req cards then just 1 at a time.
4th. Give us more req points for selling our reqs cuz 200 for a legendary is a rip off.
5th. Make it where leveling up actually means something.
6th. Give us more commendations on specific game modes.
7th. Do like double req points every month or something similar like that.
8th. Update maps monthly for example infection and griffball.
9th. Please fix the banhammer , when I first got halo I played 2 matches of arena and then left and I got banned for a minute , plz that is ridiculous.
10th. Idk if u can do this but put in a custom game browser.
11th. Idk if u do or not but look more at the community maps and put more of those in the actual playlists in arena.
12th. Fix the file browser, it gives me error sometimes or it won’t load at all.
13th. Why is warzone firefight still featured? It’s been a long time since it released?
14th. Get rid of all of that stupid armor and just give us some req points cuz nobody evens wears any of it.
15th. Idk what there called but the req packs that are 100,000 req points lower it to like 50,000 are for example the rocket launcher can be 100,000 and the sniper can be like 50,000 or 75,000 since the rocket launcher is better
16th. Make it easier to find the xp I need to level up, I didn’t even know it showed me until my friend said look in the carnage report, make it easier to find.

Hopefully a lot will read this and get 343 attention, thanks for reading!

EDIT: got rid of the first part of my post just in case it counted for calling out. i had listed 3 343 employee profiles here on waypoint and said I believe this klaka (Sangheili word for human) wants your attention.


> 9th. Please fix the banhammer , when I first got halo I played 2 matches of arena and then left and I got banned for a minute , plz that is ridiculous.

I’m sorry klaka but I cant resist my natural instinct as Deacon of the ban thread

Hi I’m Then ban thread please feed me

(proceeds to run in opposite direction)

  1. They just unranked breakout so doubt that will happen
  2. Reasonable
    3.definitely. other then the one on google chrome
    4.why would u sell yr legendary reqs :frowning: a simple man. I see a unique emblem for my lvl im happy
  3. More commendations pls
  4. Dont think that will happen sadly
  5. Would love community maps to be added in rather playing them from customs
  6. Banhammer is -yoinked- and they arent gonna do anything abt that since this issue has been arnd far too long #serversdc4lyfe
  7. Well their mythics and not meant to be cheap and easy
  8. I find the carnage report neater and easier then when the game first released. Esp the medals etc
  1. Yep. I loved Breakout (Even though I wasn’t very good at the start)
  2. On average most players like 3 maps very much in each Halo game, so it really doesn’t work.
  3. Of course.
  4. Why would you ever want to sell a legendary REQ?!
  5. Leveling really has no meaning, in like, every video game that isn’t a MOBA or RPG.
  6. Oh hell no. It’s impossible to get all the achievements in Halo 4, it’s not happening again with commendations.
  7. Indifferent about this one.
  8. Certain maps, like Backwoods, the bane of my existence.
  9. Yes. Because 1 minute is certainly “ridiculous.”
  10. HaloLFG.
  11. Oh no. BTB, yes, Slayer, etc., no no no no.
  12. Glitched at the moment.
  13. How is this a problem? More exp for the rest of us I guess.
  14. Your opinion.
  15. Yes. 343 is going to make a 12 ONE SHOT SNIPER pack 50,000 REQ points. Don’t be stupid.
  16. What?

Ik most of this is either ridiculous or can’t put in game but hopefully some of it will! If I had to pick one thing from this list to add in halo 5 it would def be the 2nd thing I said about being able to vote for maps

Can’t believed I didn’t put this in I was just thinking about it but anyways , u could also make it where it shows u how many players are in that playlists like halo 4 did, ik it’s not a big deal but still I’d would like to see who’s playing what and what’s the most popular

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