Please re-Port Halo to PC again.

Coming from a die hard halo fan who has played since the original.

I am also a PC gamer and I still play Halo Custom Edition on PC and graphics don’t matter since I am running halo 3 graphics atm because you can mod PC games and sure, my UI is Halo 3 as well. BUT, it lacks a decent multiplayer interface and party system, and NO CO-OPERATIVE CAMPAIGN.

Yes, modders can try to make mods that have co-op. But since it was ported so badly years ago the netcode is horrible and co-op can’t run smooth. And since it runs so bad, no one after 10 years has ever finished their mod for co-op because lets face it, it is impossible.

AND the only way to fix it, is to make a whole new port, or game for PC. So I was wondering since I am sure they have some employee reading this, I would like this question answered please.

Is it possible for 343i to make another port for PC with CO-OP campaign and a decent Multiplayer system so I can atleast be in a party with my friends rather than spending 10 minutes to co ordinate what server we will play on and such?


Is it possible for me to make a kickstarter page for this without any legal and/or copyright issues?

There are so many others who play the PC version and many more PC gamers who would rekindle their times with this game and play again if you do. As for the members,

DO YOU think it should be ported again properly? or Not.

forget this, I accidentally posted it twice and this one has no poll. hehe sorry