Please Put The Good Maps Back in MM : (

After I got to 130 in Halo 4 I decided to go back to Reach again and I can’t get enough because I finally got the hang of it after being so horrible in the past. It’s a shame, but I have to admit that I enjoy Reach a lot better than H4 now.

I wish 343 never decided to take away the original maps and DLC from Reach’s playlists. I’m pretty disappointed that I barely got to enjoy the last 5-6 months of Squad DLC when I bought MS points for the map packs at the time. I did buy Halo Reach pretty late after it was released, but how was I supposed to know that I would only get to enjoy the DLC and all the good maps for such little time… All because of Halo 4? It shouldn’t be. It feels like a big let down.

Every playlist in Reach has the same maps over and over again. Why? They are all the same. Reach players shouldn’t be forced to play Halo 4 if they feel Reach is better.

Please check for similar threads before creating new ones. DLC playlist are gone but DLC is in every playlist.

Only problem is every one in the lobby needs to have them installed. But if you fill your party with DLC owners you will match with other DLC owners almost every time you search. DLC is out there, go play it.