Please Power the BR back up to a 4 shot

why are they forcing good players to use only the DMR if they want to win it shoots faster its easier to hit people and it can shoot people from farther away if they really wanted it to be fair power the BR back up to a 4 shot so the br has its strengths from mid to short range you would only get lucky if you killed a DMR at long range with the BR thats only if they were standing still

Having used the BR, trust me, it’s a lot better than you’re making it out to be. The only weapon I am beat by while using it is another BR, and the DMR is not all that powerful, scope flinch makes a big difference.

If they buff the BR the game will be ruined. There will be no point of using any other weapons. Just nerf the DMR and the game will be balanced.

why should the DMR have all the advantages it shoots faster its good at all ranges, the BR shoots slower its harder to hit 5 3 round bursts than it is to hit one direct shot im just asking to have a little fairness and the carbine only has that little advantage at close range it gets wrecked and at mid range it gets wrecked it only has that advantage when someones zoomed in

Agree w OP, this would further solidify the purpose of the DMR at range and the BR in close quarters/mid range. The whole point to a burst fire rifle is to increase damage output while maintaining acc. right? so why is the BR a 5 shot like the DMR…

You say if the BR was a 4 shot then this is the only weapon any one would use. Well the Light rifle is a 4 shot when zoomed, yet I rarely see people using it… I can say the same thing about the DMR’s range/accuracy. %90 of people I play against use DMR because it’s consistent in all situations.

I would at least love to see how the game plays with a 4shot BR. I already use it about %80 of the time…

Oh and another thing above all else that can’t go without review: Kill times.

BR - 1.6 seconds efficient at close and mid range
DMR - 1.6 seconds efficient at any range

So, making the BR kill times faster by reducing it to a 4 shot might just bring a balance between the two. DMR will still have it in range…

Strafe if you can strafe really well BR beats everyother weapon so.

finally someone who understands and the DMR still might be able to fight it at all ranges to because its shoots faster so it would even the playing field i think alot more

i said good players in the original post so if a player cant handle strafing then hes not a good player

The BR is fine that way it is. Don’t change a thing the game is near perfect in balanced game play.

I killed decently with the BR, making it 4shot would be silly.

Buff player shields slightly or nerf the DMR in some shape of form - BRING THE BLOOM BACK.

well maybe not make the BR a 4 shot but make it so that the BR has its strengths at close range and they can be equal in mid range because im a huge halo 3 BR fan and it pains me to use the stank DMR over the BR because i dont get online to lose

I thought this for a while. The more I use it in the right situation the more I love it. 4 shot would be overpowered.

Those two weapons have the perfect balance in relation to one another right now. No change needed.

thats the thing Jrock the BR is situational the DMR is good in everything


The Battle Rifle is fine. The reason it takes 5 shots in Halo 4 is because the Spartans you play as in multiplayer have more shields than normal ones.

Go back and compare how much shield you have now compared to any other Halo game if you don’t believe me.

DMR just needs a reduced RoF. That’d keep the BR superior at medium range while the DMR still has more power and accuracy at long range.

I’d personally prefer that the DMR just gets taken out because I’m sick of cross map snipe-fights and picking people off, but if it has to stay in, I think adjusting the rate of fire would balance them out better so that they’d fall into their specified range better.

they need to do something to even the playing ground the BR supposed to beat the DMR at close range and if your lucky you might beat them but keep the DMR superior at longe range because that what its supposed to be a designated marksman rifle not a just rape at all ranges rifle and keep them evenly matched at medium range and whoever wins wins

> Those two weapons have the perfect balance in relation to one another right now. No change needed.

Please do elaborate sir… just saying they are “balanced” doesn’t mean d*ck

The Br and Carbine are equally successful at close to medium range, but the DMR is good at all ranges and to fix this all they need to do is make the DMR have a bloom and everything will be fixed because then you will have to pace your shots at long range, but up close it will still be equally as effecitve because the bloom wont be bigger than the person’s head.