Please post if you had a desync/lag servers

It seems like 343 isn’t responding to all this desync and completely horrible servers… so I would like everyone to post here daily if you had a bad game due to desync or high ping…


I mean, I post here a lot, too much, but if I posted every game there was lag, the entire internet would collapse


343 don’t care and all the shills still giving excuses like it’s still the holidays, people deserve vacations, 2 trillion dollar companies are small indie companies, etc etc.


If you restart your game every hour, you stop desync to some degree. The main issue is when others don’t know this trick so they play for three-hours straight without a restart. This usually results in you wasting ammo or going in for a melee attack, only to see that you targeted a Lag Ghost and really they were a few feet away from you and then killed you because you were distracted by what is essentially a more believable decoy than Halo Reach’s Hologram.


Desync is killing me. So many seemingly impossible deaths.


Desync also affects bots when the servers are having bad days.

“Everyone is desyncing and teleporting in combat, I am going to play a Bot battle then.”

Meanwhile the bots :


Where did you get that info from, any evidence that it actually works other than your own experience, and how/why does it work if it does? Are you sure it’s not just a placebo as I can turn my Xbox on, launch Halo and have desync in the first game…or at least numerous times within the first hour of play.


I noticed it from my own gameplay. After about an hour, I noticed the de-sync became all too common. So I figured I should restart the game.

Sure enough, my matches were a lot more smoother… until that hour was up. Then it became problematic again.

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Here’s a clip of the kind of thing that I’m sure we’re all too familiar with…

@343i this kind of “sword-esque” melee lunge is one of the reasons thousands of us get so frustrated and annoyed with the game.

Now I know this may offend quite a few of the pro-crossplay brigade but I always make a mental note of the players name when this kind of thing happens and more often than not they are PC players. I don’t have any evidence to support it other than my own experiences, and it has become more than just coincidental, so we need a full investigation as to whether or not the implementation of crossplay is causing or at least contributing to the desync issues we are all experiencing in game whether you play on console or PC. This simply shouldn’t be dismissed due to the fact that I don’t have any evidence (or even know how to prove this kind of thing) as my simple retort will be simply that you don’t have any evidence to prove that the crossplay implementation in this game doesn’t have any effect on desync.


Everything in this game feels so inconsistent and random. Meanwhile, TMCC is responsive and smooth.


The irony of your username is not lost.

getting de-sync and lag in nearly every game!
Delayed deaths, shot around corners, losing melee attacks constantly.
I’m on a wired connection 500mb down/100mb up, series x.
This game is sooooo inconsistent!
Noticed getting matched with US based players a lot more: 85ms/115ms - I’m UK.

For such an important game to MS (allegedly!) the dev response to all of this is very poor/non existent.


(20-30ping EU) I’m decent player since H3 and this kind of issue is most flustrating. it’s almost impossible for me to win BR or melee duel even if I start shooting or punching first also Im dying all the time around corners and it’s not only me, lot of friends from my country have the same problem

in short, what I see on my xbox s is different from what happens on the server


One? I probably clip 3-5 “behind the wall deaths” every day. :smiley:


Im in! EU player.
I shoot foam balls, its fun!


So predictably not funny.


Yes it’s really bad at times , I’m gonna imagine 343 are aware and trying to sort the situation I believe this is more important than btb , but it is what it is


Do you think they put melee challenges in to the game so they can get statistics on the melee issues!


Outside of the occasional menu spasm everything has been relatively stable for me lately. Whatever 343i is doing in the backend of the servers is working.