Please, Please, Please take Snowbound out of snipers

Or at least give a us Veto in MCC, that was the worst spawnkill fest I’ve ever experienced. Started the game a man down and it ended in maybe 5 minutes


Snowbound is an underrated map and suits Snipers nicely.

But I agree Veto should return and that many of the maps need their respawn points tweaked.


What’s your specific issue? Spawn-snipes at random or… Spawn trapping?

The former would I agree requires being removed, but the latter unfortunately just means the other team knew what they were doing and it’s the same issue with BR starts when an enemy team knows what they’re doing and gains the upper hand

I think spawns should be placed in fairer locations on the map. They had the trap so effective that spawns in caves and bases were completely blocked. I think that’d be a fix, but in general a Veto is needed in MCC

The veto has been kicked around for years but data-wise it was proven to mean that some maps and game modes were almost never played which reduced variety and led to more people quitting pregame so overall it was found to harm not help the experience

I don’t buy that. If someone wants to quit because they don’t like the map or gametype then they’ll do that regardless of Veto being there.

Veto is just another roll of the dice. It’s supplemental. Have good weighting for the pool of gametypes and maps and it’ll only be a benefit.

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I agree with the sentiment but according to what has been said by those with access to data, the data disagrees

Well, with or without Veto, it’d be great if gametypes and maps were constantly tuned and curated so things are fresh and as good they can be. Wish I could help out with that.

A lot of those people were citing Vote data as if it was equal to Veto data, and much of that Data was from before CGB was available, rendering it out of date.


If your on the red team you’ll suffer.

If your blue you can blend in easier.