please narrow the window for trades

I remember how weird it was in halo 3 when an enemy player and I meleed each other causing us both to die. trades NEVER happened in halo 2 and they occurred some of the time during melees in halo 3. now in reach it’s not uncommon to trade during a DMR battle. I’ve even had sniper trades where the enemies sniper rifle fires about a quarter of a second after he dies. it’s getting dumb.

I’m not sure exactly why the window for trades has increased to what it is in reach but my best guess is to accommodate players with bad connections who would otherwise lose a very close simultaneous melee or a close dmr battle.

I would prefer it to go back to how it was in halo 2 when trades never happened but if it is put back to how it was in halo 3 then I’ll be happy.

I have not found ‘kill trading’ to be as prolific in Reach as in in predecessor. However, I do agree that it remains an evident feature of gameplay. The majority of my experience regarding this issue occurs in SWAT, where latency is the most obvious justification. As the latency associated with the connection quality of the individual player is not easily resolved by 343, I fear that unjust ‘kill trades’ shall continue. As always, some games will exhibit greater latency - (and thereby greater ‘trading’) - than others.