PLEASE move Escalation Slayer to the Social Slayer playlist

Anything with rocket launcher starts is a social mode and IMO shouldn’t be in quickplay.

I know escalation slayer is their new baby, but I don’t like it. It just feels like a different version of fiesta, and I really do not like being forced to run a certain loadout.

And now it’s in quickplay and so is pretty much unavoidable. When I load in and see that it’s escalation slayer, I just leave the match, and I hate feeling like that’s my only choice.


Quickplay is a grab bag of everything isn’t it?

I hate 1 flag, but when it comes up I just play it. Leaving just sabotages the team most of the time.


I totally agree. It’s out of place in what was playlist full of ‘serious’ game types.

I don’t hate the mode (I enjoy it more than Fiesta) but it feels out of place compared to all the standard modes.

Edit: I don’t endorse leaving but I completely understand your frustration.


I agree with you on this one.

The game mode is fun and crazy at the same time. Quick play should be just one step below ranked arena.


I’m honestly not sure if that’s what Quick Play should be but it’s what it has been until now so this is a pretty out of place change.

All of this would be redundant with a proper match composer anyway.


Yes 1000%! Why are they still trying to make people play game modes that they don’t want to play?!?!?! These types of decisions are beyond perplexing!

There should be a team Slayer playlist. Just normal, run-of-the-mill Slayer. They’re pretty much isn’t a normal halo playlist like there used to be. Someone that hasn’t played Halo in a long time and just loaded this game up would be looking for Team Slayer and there isn’t one and that’s ridiculous!! So now there is no social team slayer playlist and still no ranked Team Slayer playlist (probably never will be…) All the problems that this game has a side… and people wonder why this game isn’t doing well…:roll_eyes:

Not that it matters what we put on here because 343 never reads it or cares clearly because they’re scrapping this whole form and doing social media only… And yeah I’m bitter about it!

Edit so apparently there is still a social team Slayer playlist but now it’s AR and BR starts… Why can’t they just have a ranked playlist and social playlist in a different thing like they used to. Be much simpler

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I know leaving isn’t great, but I just don’t enjoy the mode, and I get tilted. I figure it’s better to leave right at the beginning of the match than get pissy and leave halfway through.

Quickplay is meant to be for any and all game modes. So that means Escalation belongs in there just like every other game mode.

You shouldn’t be asking for it to be removed from quick play. You should be asking for the game modes you prefer to get their own playlist instead.

Hopefully the day won’t come where your favorite game modes aren’t disliked and you constantly get stuck in 2 vs 4 or 3 vs 4 situations everytime they come up because other people don’t like it and leave.

I hate CTF in BTB because of how brokenly easy it is to sneak out with the enemies team’s flag with Active Camo active, but I still stick around so that the people who do enjoy the game mode can have a fun time and not feel pressured to work harder to compensate for the lack of teammates their missing.

Yet Fiesta has never been in Quick Play or any of the other ‘fun’ modes from social slayer.

Until this point it has been full of the ‘normal’ modes with other niche games in their own playlists, like Tactical and Snipers.

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Welp, lets ask them to add it then?

That’s probably the opposite of what the people like me in other regions want. It’s often the only list we can get a game in, it would make the quitting problem exponentially worse.

I agree on this. I basically only want to play it as often as I play fiesta; once or twice a session.

Please remove escalation slayer all together across all Halo. It’s lame being limited to certain weapons. Part of what makes Halo great is variety of weapons.

And that should be implemented into Halo Infinite.