please make warzone turbo recurring

I’ve been sitting on a large quantity of high level REQ’s that I’ll never be able to realistically use. Warzone Turbo gave me the opportunity to actually USE them instead of look at them and think 50 of anything is just dumb. I was able to learn HOW to effectively use weapons and Vehicles I rarely use otherwise. I used to hate the Banshee because I was terrible at using it, but after burning through 30 Sword Banshee’s I’ve gotten much better and can utilize them more effectively in Warzone and Warzone Assault. I was able to complete a LOT of commendations that otherwise would have been a huge pain. As for being unbalanced, I didn’t see much of that. Pretty much every power play I attempted was easily countered, and vice versa. I get that Warzone Turbo isn’t for everybody, especially if you don’t play a lot and only have a few power REQ’s and a lot to unlock yet. If so, just play something else. Warzone Turbo is perfect for people like me who play a LOT, who have unlocked most REQ’s, and have no real way to actually use all this cool stuff. I’m glad it’s gone… for now. After 3 weeks of stockpiling those REQ’s, please bring it back for another weekend!