Please make the next Halo unbreakable.

The reason the new H4 DLC won’t work with Spartan Ops, is because the new content would break too many things, per BS Angel.

Please design the next Halo to be easily upgradable like a well designed MMO, but without the MMO-ness of course.

The Halo engine should be more patch friendly. New content should be easy to add at all times. I know it’s hard work, but Halo’s future depends on things like this, and we appreciate the effort.

This was the first time they have tried to add DLC like that into the game.
Now I hope they know what mistakes might be made, and also know to always keep this kind of DLC in mind with making other modes.

No game is unbreakable dude. They can add more code and do more playtests, patches, and betas to help make it more reliable but it will never be completely leakproof.

My guess is that the program class scripts that make up Campaign/Spartan Ops and Multiplayer are too different to use inherited assets. Or that the new mods and skins are added at a point in the class hierachy after the two systems diverge, so they’d actually have to use separate versions. Or whatever structure they use to store those kinds of assets is fixed in Spartan Ops/Campaign for whatever reason (probably stability) while multiplayer only has to account for the multiplayer sandbox, so its less damaging to introduce new elements in.

Better planning on DLC before launch should have been done, but even then, there’s no way to make it ‘unbreakable’.