Please make the Commando a short range weapon

With the way the gun works, it seems to be designed around short range with the recoil and rng bullet spread. It acts almost the same as the AR but then also has a deep zoom and can contest with a BR. If the gun changed to be a short range AR I think it would be perfect. As it stands now, the mechanics don’t make sense with the range is also has. I’d also like the DMR to be added so we can have 2 weapons in the mid-range sandbox

The AR is the short ranged weapon though. The Commando has recoil and spread so it doesn’t dominate the sandbox (cough cough, Halo 3). You should perhaps try tap firing instead of full autoing at range, as it significantly reduces bloom.

I do but the RNG spread makes it so inconsistent. Seems like a weapon from apex was added since Halo hasn’t had something like this before at range iirc. Gonna try to get the hang of it but the gameplay design around it seems off regardless

The commando actually does pretty well at range if you tap the trigger. I would like to see it get a buff to mag size, maybe a little less recoil, and add some flinch. Maybe that would entice others to pick it up every once and a while.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo def not