Please make the boss health color brighter

It would be nice if 343 were to change how bright the health color is for some bosses (Mostly red health), because I cannot tell whether it’s black or red for the life of me, and I might waste a req since I couldn’t even tell how much health they had left. No, I am not colorblind, nor have a seeing problem.

Well this is a new one

While we’re at it. decrease their health by 25%

I’m not joking. Bullet sponges suck

Maybe give the option to change the color from red to green or something. Some people (myself included) struggle seeing red against black. Just a thought

What if it was like pokemon? (or most JRPG’s in general) Starts as a bright neon green then goes to yellow at 50% and than red when the health is lower than 25%

color coding the enemy health bar may make it easier to identify it, especially when bosses are crowded together