Please make it possible to switch to English!

I live in Finland and been playing Halo since Halo 1. Now I’m suddenly stuck with Finnish subtitles and Finnish user interface and vocabulary on UI. Please make it changeable in settings! It drives me - and many many more - crazy not to be able to use English in the game.

What if I was a Finn-Swede - we are bilingual by the way - and would not know Finnish? Why is there not an option to change language? Now if I want some info on Google about a certain gun or gametype, I don’t even know what is it called in English…

Changing Xbox settings, language -> English, does not help. I hear that changing country setting to US would help, but that will screw my Marketplace and multiplayer matchmaking.

So please, please, change this forced localization!

a Finn for many

I changed my location from denmark to united kingdom, the danish translationson nordic version was just… bad…

Anyway the country change does work, I gues, if you need something from markedplace, just change it real quick, but I do agree, they should make it possible to change language in in-game settings.