Please make Halo Great Again!

I found this fantastic summary by Arasaka88. Reposting because I really believe this sums up all the major changes that need to be made to make this game fantastic again. I grew up with these games, since the very first, and I want to see it becomes as amazing as its predecessors were, or even more so. So, 343i, please take these points into serious consideration:

Halo store credits and Battle pass

I get it, it’s F2P but please allow players to earn credits in game. 5 credits per match, 15 credits for a win. This will entice players to play the objective and also give them something to aim for in the store. Still charge money for the premium battle pass for all the progression unlocks but allow credit rewards so free players can buy items/bundles from the store and when/if they want the premium battle pass then they give cash. At the moment being a free player means almost nothing for the individuals customisation.

Experience and progression

  • Per match XP: 100xp per game played and an additional 50xp for a victory. This will entice players to actually play the objective.
  • Reward Skillful play: 1xp per objective tick (seconds holding the ball for example) 5xp per kill, 10xp per medal, 20xp for a flag. this gives players a reward for playing well AND playing the objectives.
  • Keep challenges as is: I know many don’t like them but a lot of the issue with them are having to do XYZ but never getting those modes so other suggestions below should help make challenges more doable.
  • Boosts: Have boosts work for the next 8 completed challenges. Not time based.

Menu Options

  • Game mode selection: Allowing players to queue for whatever game mode they wish allows them to choose what they need for any given challenge instead of the current system of needing to play 3 oddball games and only seeing 1 through quick play in a 4hr session.
  • Region selection: I cannot believe this isn’t already in place. I’m an aussie playing on either a 30ms game or a 180ms game. Either let us select our own preferred region or lock us to our region via IP tracking.
  • Optional Cross Platform: I’m a PC player and It’s pretty insane to me that Console players are forced to play against KB/M. Allow players to choose if they want PC only, Console only or cross platform play. Or even an input selection for example matching controllers only.
  • Stat tracking and overall progress: Please give us a stats card so we can look at our overall stats of wins, kills, medals and so on.
  • BR/AR starts in BTB: I prefer the AR starts of BTB but at least give an in menu option for people to start with the BR in BTB.
  • Player reporting : I’m not sure why this isn’t in since it’s clear 343 are trying to limit the toxic interactions by removing all chat. Which is fine, but please let use report afk’ers and clear hackers that are already in the game.

Spartan Customisation

I’ll start this section with a caveat that i’m assuming the bare bones options we have now will be greatly fleshed out post launch and across seasons.

  • Cross core This is a no brainer. locking parts, colours and options into cores is a very stupid system and completely undermines what you’re going for in the first place for ‘millions of combinations’
  • Colours: Take what you perfected in the MCC and give us that.
  • Body shape : Again, make it mean something, use the MCC method.

Core Gameplay

  • Player Collision: We all want it, please just turn it on. This isn’t a divisive issue, the overwhelming amount of requests for this are proof of that. The list of why collision needs to return is massive so i wont bother. Please just turn it on.
  • Player outlines: I’m not sure who at 343 loves these outlines so much but please for the love of god turn them off for Enemies. This has been asked for since the first flight test. Outline = friendly, no outline = shoot them til they are dead.
  • Vehicles need more weight: Vehicles currently get snagged on small rocks and flip with ease. Please make this stop.
  • BTB needs better vehicle spawns: I’ve played over 40 hrs so far and I’ve seen the Scorpion tank twice. These big spawns need to be slightly earlier AND balanced. Too many times has a Wraith, banshee, scorpion been dropped at the winning sides end further increasing the lead. Either drop in a tank for both sides of drop it in the middle.
  • Melee : Give melee a slightly better lunge, increase foot speed with the ball, flag, sword and hammer.
  • Aim assist on controller: I personally use kb/m but please give our fellow Spartans on controller some much needed aim assist tweaks.
  • Time to Kill : Please don’t listen to people coming from cod. the TTK is fine as is, in fact personally i think it could be every so slightly longer.
  • Radar Range: increase its range and sensitivity by at least 50%

I wont go into weapon balance as I think this should be looked at down the line when more time is put into the things above, plus weapon balance a lot of the time can be a bit bias and i’m no exception.

I might be missing things but for me personally with what we have now these updates and changes would go a LONG way to winning people over. First impressions mean everything and 343 has created a really REALLY tight shooter experience so far and tripped at the finish line. Please, if a 343 employee is reading this, consider these changes for the longevity and life of Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

A long time Halo fan who desperately wants to see Halo return to the top.

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