Please make Halo fun again...

Please… i was waiting since Halo 3

Halo 3 was alright but Reach isn´t really the best of Halo. So I agree with you. 343i make Halo fun again please.

I thought Reach was fun. =(

I concure – To me, it feels shallow, and poorly assembled. I understand that they had tried: Some elements are superbly done like graphics and soundtrack; but, it’s not what most had expected. Sure it’s more gritty and dark, but overall, it doesn’t become halo. With their advancements, they also have fallbacks. A superb forge; a gray pallet. New gametypes; lost options(alpha zombie, vip). Armor abilities; balence.

It was a good effort, but it’s still not configured correctly.
Personally, the beta was where it was at.