Please make FFA minimum 6 players

I know 343 ignores us here at waypoint and its coming to an end soon but please please make FFA six players… I am so over 4v4 in MCC. All it is is teams of 4 curb stomping solo players. I don’t see a point to even playing it. Since the population is struggling and odds are won’t be going up any time soon throw us FFA players a bone… Making finding games a bit easier for us,… minimum six players for games… PLEASE.

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As long as the maximum isn’t also 6, I would agree.

The max can stay 8 but to me once six is found and if there isn’t any other readily available then the game should start. I bet most would rather a game start than continue to wait or worse be booted out to another search process.

It would be nice if 343 made it 4 or 6 players and max 11 players but the odds of that happen is slim to none. I love Halo FFA and I usually host FFA Customs but seeing as 343 still needs to fix Halo Infinite I just don’t see them coming out with changes of this nature.

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Well I feel 8 is plenty on MCC maps, to many on most… But I wouldn’t even be against the minimum player lowered to 4.

True some maps are small and having players join in after the game starts is ok as long as it’s not to far within the game and if the player joins in after the game already started it doesn’t count against them if they lose.
The only reason why I said 11 max instead of 8 is for all the in game developer maps. Small maps can have gametypes that result in close proximity. Medium and large maps same principle with just different types of gametypes weapon starts and so on.

The problem with Halo now is there’s not a ton of people playing the games anymore which is why it takes to long to find players because the community is spread apart to much which why they just need two different Playlist as time goes on.

  1. FFA Moshpit - All in game developer made maps, 6 -11 players, gametypes Slayer, KOTH, Oddball.

  2. Team Moshpit - All in game developer made maps, 8 -12 players, gametypes Slayer, KOTH, Oddball, CTF

If this is made right with a large variety of gametypes being used for all the maps it will keep people interested always one play to keep playing.

due to the low pop I think lower FFA player options would be great.