Please make DLC required for Living Dead.

I want to get the “All Alone” achievement, but none of the Defiant maps ever show up in Living Dead. One of the Defiant maps is a firefight map, Highlands is way too big for infection, which leaves the last map Condemned the only Defiant map that is compatible.

Dude for real I hate playing on every other map except defiant maps -__-

It will take you a VERY long time to get this achievement unfortunately. 343 decided to make the same mistake in achievements like halo 3’s. map specifics and just maps that cease to exist. If you think All Alone is bad, if you haven’t tried for Don’t Touch That yet that is literally your worse nightmare. Took myself and 7 other friends 2 and a half hours of solid blasting through games/quitting til we found it.

Your idea would work but I doubt it’ll ever happen.

To add as well, now they may have changed this since I got the achievement around the start of their release. But Alpha Zombies on Condemned will not get you All Alone. 343 decided to make it worse and have you get Infection on Condemned. That may have changed but I got messed up 3 times with that. Just be wary.

Get some friends together who have Defiant and search with them, Condemned will come up eventually.

Making it DLC-required wouldn’t be that bad of an idea though, considering the population of LD is large enough to support it.

Start a thread in the Recruiting forum on here and get 13 players together. Good luck with it!

That’s how I got it. Just add a bunch from here who are also looking for it and when you see enough of them online at once send them invites and set up a lobby.

Good luck with it.

I understand your concern, but making it DLC required isn’t the way top go about it. If that was the case, some people will end up buying it, but some people won’t as well and will quit the playlist all together. I don’t know which is the majority, but my solution to it is increase the chances of it popping up rather then forcing people to pay more then they already have to play it.