Please make Defiant map pack and possibly noble map pack free

It’s time. It’s obvious no one else wants it. So just make it free. Since 343i made it im sure it will not be a problem. Maybe even the noble map pack as well.

Then create a 2 week period achievment playlist called:

Achieve this!!!

6v6 TU

High noon

Sword Base

TU Slayer-
Battle Canyon


Rocket Hogs Race-

This way each and every Noble, Defiant, and Anniversary achievment can be unlocked. For 2 weeks this playlist will be live.

No petitions are allowed.

Change the title to “Free map packs?” or something like that before this gets closed.

Fixed it thanks guys :slight_smile:

They won’t make it free because Microsoft likes money.

Microsoft makes the prices not 343i… So microsoft would have to make them free and as we all know that’s not going to happen.

343i needs to make certain playlists DLC required like it was in Halo 3. I don’t care about the cheap people who haven’t bought the maps, it’s the people who spent $35-$60 for all the map packs and never get to play them because other people haven’t bought them and 343i decided FOR NO REASON to take away the only playlist we had.

343i is handling dlc completely wrong and I hope one day they learn from it, because I will never buy any dlc ever again if this is how they’re going to handle it.

it would be nice but since i have bought the map packs i have yet to be able to play on any of them for the achievements they just need to bring back DLC playlist One for noble and one for Def.

Free won’t be done, microsoft sucks. Achievement playlist must be done.

Maybe they could make the achievment playlist i want that the most becuas ei have all the DLC

If 343i makes it then that would mean that they are at least listing to us.

I find it extremely strange that the people who pay $200 for an Xbox, A huge wad of money for a TV, and 60-120 dollars toward Xbox Live Gold can’t pay 5-25 dollars ONE time! It’s really funny though.

OT: I’d rather just make some plylists DLC required. The achievements are map specific since 343/Microsoft wanted to try to encourage DLC sales.

I can understand why people aren’t buying DLC - it’s a Tragedy of the Commons scenario:

Why buy the DLC for a game where most people don’t have the DLC since the purchaser won’t get to play the DLC?

I figure that if Bungie made Defiant Map Pack, Noble likely would’ve been free and more playlists would’ve had that pack as required, like H3 with Heroic. But this game lost players constantly over the 1.25 years it’s been out, so I’m not surprised they haven’t done anything besides 50% discounts to boost sales.

It really sucks since those of us who bought both packs AND CEA don’t get to play these maps we spent $80 on.

If H4 has a piss-poor population like Reach, I won’t be buying any other DLC.

Or why not make it a la gears 3? making a “compactibility” map pack, download needed to play in MM’s playlist’s (other than anniversaries), the map pack would include ONLY noble & Defiant Multiplayer maps (5 maps) but you cant access Premium playlist’s/DLC, so you have the chance of playing those maps in matchmaking but not in customs… nah 343 is just way too lazy

Doesn’t everyone want free DLC? We know that won’t happen though. But if the DLC is completed, I say release it now.