Please make armor pieces interchangeable between Armor Cores

Like the title says, I think the system would work much better if armor pieces could be interchangeable between the different variants of armor. For example, I like the default body of the Mark VII, but the helmet of the Mark V. Besides any lore implications, why can I not put the Mark V helmet on my Mark VII Body? This is already somewhat confusing, but adding on the segregated armor Coating system makes customization frustrating and not fun. If I buy or earn an armor coating or alternate shoulderpad, it would be much more engaging to mix-and-match on whatever Armor Core I enjoy the most.

I understand this is a minor gripe, but it really does turn me off of making any purchases or caring about the armor in the battle pass. If armors were interchangeable, I would take much more enjoyment in planning my customization and it would make my character feel more like it was ‘Me’.

Perhaps the armor core system could be reworked into a Loadout-esq setting, where the player could have multiple armors set up and named, able to switch between them whenever they liked. I would love to see this, being able to show off all the rare or interesting armor combinations I’ve created.

This aside, the Devs have already mostly fixed the biggest issues I had, the challenge system. The gameplay is great and I can’t wait for launch. Thanks for reading.