Please make a slayer only playlist

Yes please, sometimes I just need to mindlessly run around unloading ammo on w̶a̶l̶l̶s enemies.


if you remove the slayer playlist then you will get that all the objective playlist’s become more a slayer match’s since a lot off people give notting about getting the objective’s and only care about slayer.

and then we get the old story off complains again from the players that enjoy the objective game type’s that there match’s always turns in a slayer match’s.

i hate also objective playlist’s i am a slayer game type fan.
and if i get a objective playlist i do the same like others and make it in a slayer game type and not going to take the objective but only go for the enemy’s.

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I never thought we’d be n a situation where we have to ask for a Slayer playlist, I really, really hope playlists are prioritized, especially when some challenges require you to play specific modes

They all need to be separated and we need all the gametypes aswell. We are missing soo many good ones.

Yes and FFA, and BTB Heavies (or atleast btb with a more traditional vehicle spawning system where there are more vehicles throughout)… And action sack…

And let’s add some missing modes… Assault (and grifball), KOTH, infection, multi-team.

Not one slayer game today :roll_eyes:

I think since this is technically “beta” we will have a lot more options once its officially been released.

Don’t hold your breath. 2 weeks ain’t much, even for the littlest improvement.
We’ll be lucky if we had playlist update until then.
The game better have major changes quick if they don’t want us to leave the game frustrated.

I remember this game called halo that had a game type called slayer which was by far, the most popular type.

The funny thing is in all of my years playing halo, I’m 50 and an OG lol, 3 plots and skull were my least favorite. Now it’s all I’m forced to play it seems.

I absolutely hate playing stronghold and it’s making me not even want to play. I guess I’ll go dl some thing else. Thanks devs for once again forcing people to play things they don’t like.