please make a good pistol in halo 4

I must say that making the pistol in reach kill in the same amount of shots as the DMR was a good idea. This way if your playing AR and pistol starts and someone picks up a DMR you can still hold your own.

I hope you guys keep the zoom and the fact that it can kill in the same amount of shots as whatever rifle will be in halo 4. This way starting games with an AR/pistol won’t be as annoying when someone picks up a BR/DMR and gets easy kills. especially on bigger maps, when there are not rifle default starts.

just add 2-4 more bullets in the clip to even things out again even further.

if you have to beef up the AR/plasma rifle/shotty, no one will complain about that.

if dualies are brought back please do it in a way where these guns aren’t effected, i don’t want a crappy pistol/plasma rifle that is only useful if you have another gun with it, you already have the smgs/spiker/brute plasma rifle and a plasma repeater to make dualies out of, please make the pistol useful and fun to use again 343i!

people will flame me i’m sure, but how is the CE pistol overpowered and the BR/DMR are not when fighting weaker versions of the AR/shotgun/plasma rifle, at least in CE the other guns were really strong too so it still depended on what range you were at to use these guns