please make a DLC playlist?

just saying. we payed all that money to play other maps besides launch day 1 maps. and really lame forge maps. i knda wanted to get my Achievements done but i guess that aint happening since you cant get a castle map in anything… huh?

I agree with this since there won’t be anymore DLC to be released there should be a dedicated DLC playlist for those looking to play on the maps they purchased.

Especially since the “Game of the Year” edition just released how are those new players going to enjoy the new maps in matchmaking if they don’t know about them or see them when voting.

I would hope to see a Big Team DLC playlist and a regular DLC Slayer playlist or a mix of both.

I only recently purchased my map pack pass and also picked up the Championship DLC also because of The Pit remake.

Hopefully there can be a resolution for those players looking to play on the new content that they downloaded.


Team DLC (4v4)- Majestic Pack, Bullseye Pack, Forge Island variants. Mix of Slayer and Objective gametypes.

BTB DLC (8v8)- Crimson Pack, Castle Pack, Forge Island variants. Mix of Slayer and Objective gametypes.

Rotate them every 1-2 weeks. BAM! Done.

I agree. At first I thought making some DLC mandatory for Infinity Slayer was a good start, I was wrong. When I talked to other players they were down right mad that they needed DLC to play Infinity Slayers. It seems 343 has listened to these complaints and removed that playlist altogether for just regular Team Slayer. However, we are back where we started with no playlists needing players to have DLC. So what would be a really great idea would simply have a DLC only playlist again. This shouldn’t upset people who don’t own DLC and should please those who have bought DLC and don’t get the DLC maps chosen very often.

Just make a all dlc playlist for us.I paid good hard earned money to play them.:sob: