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Wtf! I won’t post link because of spoilers

pm link?

What? PM the link if you need to.

It should be longer then that… confirmed to be longer then that. Of course, it varies on the player… details!

After what Ign was saying, it’ll be about 45-60 mins for each level. So, it has to be at least 7 hours long.

Really? That’s kind of disappointing.

I guess if that’s true there is always Spartan Ops to add longevity.

If true it was predictable due to the only 8 missions, sucks.

No evidence, no case. I recommend posting the link with a spoiler warning.

If it is only 6 hours I will be VERY VERY disappointed…

I would be happy if it was 10-15 hours. I know big budget games with immense detail, audio, voice actors, and such is expensive and lengthy campaigns with excellent content and depth is hard to pull off but if anyone can do it 343 can.

Hmm, I have my doubts. I think it will be more like a 9 hour campaign, that is what I have been hearing anyway.

You don’t even have the link ahaha. Go troll trollers troller

This would be very disappointing :frowning: .

hmmm don’t believe…
post link

Why are any of you taking this individual seriously? There’s no link, there’s no source or reference… I call -Yoink-.

Post the link, wrap it in spoiler tags if you’re worried about spoilers. Or if you mean leak… try PMing me/us. We can’t believe anything without proof.

The campaign was put on a separate disc. Other sources say it will be a Halo sized campaign, even 343i themselves when they considered the playstyles and rates.

Come on guys, this dude’s just trolling. 343 has already stated that the game is comparable in length to past Halos, so expect anywhere between 8-12 hours, depending on difficulty and player skill.

The game’s eight levels long. It’s physically impossible for an eight-level Halo game to be only six-hours long, especially since some levels are said to take well over a sixty minutes to complete

Use those mushy gray things in your skull. What are they called again? Brains?

I call bs on this one. No evidence whatsoever to support your claim. If you’re trolling, I would give you a 3/10 because you gave me a good scare.

I just got a warning just use google. I guess it’s leaked.

Well Gears of War 3 took me 7 hours 45 straight on normal and that’s a brilliant campaign so I reckon around the same or more for Halo 4 as another BIG game

Frank O’Connor was stated saying it was on par with previous Halo’s. I can’t imagine it would be any less 8 hours.

> I just got a warning just use google. I guess it’s leaked.

If this was a real leak, your post would already have been altered by the mods. Your post has not been altered. It’s not real.

> I just got a warning just use google. I guess it’s leaked.