Please limit grenades in Arena. Please.

1 grenade when you spawn. Every grenade spawn on the map should also only give 1 grenade and have a longer respawn time than it has now. When I escape with no shields, manage to survive an onslaught of 3 grenades around the corner…only to be killed by a fourth grenade a second later…boy this game has a problem. And that’s not a rare occurrence. Stuff like that happens all the time. I even do it to other players. Grenades are way too abundant, have too large of a blast radius, and do too much damage. There’s almost no downside to throwing 3 grenades when you spot an enemy because you will get them all back instantly.

I also don’t think a competitive game mode should allow players to carry a max of 6 grenades. Every fight begins and ends with grenades blocking out the sun. Please, someone, fix this. There has barely been any talk about grenades here recently, but I believe it’s a serious flaw in the game.

Definitely, Arena has way too many grenades. I think cutting the available grenades in half would be great. Warzone seems to have the opposite problem. Once you use your two grenades, you can never get more. I think you should be able to buy grenades in warzone.