Please let me play Slayer and Team Slayer only

This game is the most fun I’ve had in years.

With that being said, please make it so that I can pick the game mode I want to play. I want to play Slayer and Team Slayer without having to roll the dice on what game mode I get. I do NOT want to be forced to play objective game modes like CTF.

Please fix this. You have built something so amazing here and this community can help you make it one of the best games ever made. The potential for Halo Infinite is unreal.

Thanks so much.


They won’t as no one will play the other modes then tbh

I would definitely still play them. Sometimes I don’t want to though and I’m just tryina get kills ya dig

Regardless, should still be an option.


I agree with this, but for the opposite reason. I really only want to play the objective modes and not slayer. But also pick which ones, not just roll the dice on what I get. Especially when challengers are “play this game mode”.


I agree. Being forced to play modes you don’t want to play sucks. If this is only until the launch then I’m good. But if it isn’t, this game is DOA for me.

ASTOUNDED how mcc can have such a good matchmaking system for choosing gametypes yet infinite is basically back to halo 5s roots all over again with less choice this time. Cannot believe that we cannot choose basic gamemodes only and are forced into arena, which we are once again lacking
-shotty snipers
And the list goes on and on

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Please give my friends and I objective only playlists

Don’t forget FFA ranked.


Same here. I hate having to play slayer. I wont objective only playlists and variation ie one, two and neutral (flag, bomb) etc etc

If 343i doesn’t make it possible to play what I want I’m out. Why should I play 5 Awful Oddball matches for the chance to play what I want


They are still officially in beta and testing all the modes and net code. They’ll open it up as soon as the game drops on the 8th

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343 studios is arguing with the community that that they have to make money with the game with monetary system since its free to play first before adding more modes like slayer that it cost money to run the additional servers, well my question to them is why 343 did you make the game free to play in the first place if money was going to be an issue especially since I was concerned about this from the beginning. Then you should have made it come with the campaign as the overall package like it has done for 20 years then. Launching multiplayer without all the modes like slayer and extra maps is unforgivable especially when it was rumored to be 21 maps. I would rather pay 60$ to make your multiplayer better then have a free to play unfinished product.


At least have a ranked Team slayer mode and Ranked BTB then I will be happy. Also, double team mode would be appreciated but if I were to choose for what to be added first please add Ranked Team slayer arena. This is the most competitive and most played mode that halo fans mostly care about.

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strongly agree. At least a ranked team slayer and ranked BTB mode would be awesome and more maps since nothing has been added to the multiplayer since the game just launched yesterday 12/8. The servers have had plenty of time to be tested to add those modes and at least a few extra maps large and small.

they already said slayer is coming after the holidays. relax and stop feeling entitled

This joke is going to get overused but those modes will cost you about $10.99 a month… I feel there’s a reason there’s not a specific/ slayer/ objective playlist…

Coming back to this comment. Nope.

A Halo game without the most basic gamemode on launch, let alone in beta testing. Waiting a month for THE most basic game mode in Halo? Not entitled, we’re holding developers accountable for a game they’ve been working on for 6 years.


Guess what it’s the 8th and NOPE

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