Please leave Infinite and come back to MCC already

I mean seriously… All the complaints about infinite are solved in MCC… BTB works… In social games you can pick between precision or auto starts. You gain XP based on medals and the challenges are just bonus xp. You earn your cosmetics in game. Also best of all the tired of argument of MnK or controller…just go to settings… Network… Turn on input based matchmaking and/or platform based matchmaking… You can even turn regions on/off… You can change cross hair positions, your field of view for weapons and vehicles… What are you waiting for? Just think you could be playing Halo right now with the features you want… Just sayin…


When I play MCC, I pretty much dominate everyone every single game due to the myriad of options splitting population so much. Skill based mm is a myth. It’s not fun for me or them.

I haven’t checked in a while but at one point I was MVP in over 2/3 of all games. That’s dumb.

Ranked is awful.

I enjoy BTB although when it is working I’d say I probably enjoy Infinite’s BTB a little more.


That is why people need to leave Infinite for MCC. MCC only issue is lack of population… If more players came back games would quickly become more balanced


The population has been too low for the longest time. I’ve played on and off since launch and the population has never been strong enough to provide me with a good experience. Too many playlist sliders to customise. It’s great to play exactly what you want, but awful for getting fun and balanced games in any consistent basis.

I had more fun playing Halo 5 ranked, although H5 social sucked so I always played MCC for the social aspect as BTB is fun. Now I’m happy to play Infinite for both the social and ranked experience.

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I like thinking about this like cars.

Weve got this shiny new sports car with a bunch of cool new features, but it has a myriad of recalls on it and is stuck in the shop. (Infinite)

Then we have that old reliable truck that sits pristine in your garage that you take out on Sunday strolls, but have to use daily since the new car isnt working. (MCC/ the older Halos)

I’m taking my time playing through the old campaigns. Love me some good old ODST.


Just saying all MCC needs is population… It has ALL the features people are asking for in Infinite… MCC is the best Halo game on Xbox one right now but is wrongly being ignored. Hopefully more players see the light. You could be having the exact Halo you want right now instead of waiting for 343 to fix and update Infinite.


Nah, I’ll play both :slight_smile:


Lol last time I played mcc someone in halo 1 was standing on the ghost and t bagging, I got in and they instantly died from the ghost and booted me.

I made a post about it because I got a short ban and it totally killed my vibe. Maybe they could change something about the booting system, but nope, they banned my post on the halo reddit.

Last time I played MCC, true story

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If anything I’d go back to H5.


That was kinda on you… In HCE it is so easy to kill someone by hitting them with a vehicle you shouldn’t have gotten into a vehicle with a teammate standing on it… And at least you could get into a btb game to get booted from… You can’t even join BTB in Infinite.


They could bring halo 5 to MCC retconning/remaking it’s campaign to be actually good while bring back the multiplayer to its beta version with updated lighting and textures

It would be very small starting off with only 6 maps but if people really enjoy it you could see more later the main point is the retconned campaign

I’d also like 343 to update halo 4s campaign so cheif wakes up in him H3 armor and later on gets his new H4 armor when he likes up with the infinity

For the H5 campaign I’d make it so you play as your multiplayer spartan hunting down cheif and at the end you reunite him with the arbiter cheifs H5 armor is super damaged so then I makes sens ethat he has new armor in halo infinite

It would just clean things up abit instead of us having to mod everything

H5s Warzone would be separate and might come later depending on how well H5 is received

The armor customisation is just like it was in H4 with new features like being bale to change your undersuit changing its type and colors, glowing visors and armor attachments all being tied to the season pass or already unlocked

You would earn req gear from playing Warzone instead of opening packs

Also breakout comes back but as it was in its beta its best version

Iv your ever going to both with H5 again you have to recapture the magic that beta had if not then don’t bother

All that wouldn’t be worth the work IMO. H5 is fine as a stand alone game and no need to add some diet version of the game to MCC. They are supposed to be working on a flood fire fight and getting the remaining games to the custom game browser. What they really need to do is remaster more H2 maps for H2A… But while yeah MCC could be improved it’s leaps and bounds better than Infinite and even H5.

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Imagine they add a custom game option to splice all the different halo games into one game type so instead of them all being separate in this game type they are all one

Imagine playing on a H3 map with H4 abilities and H2A weapons…

Mod support is always welcomed too

Also H5 isn’t on PC so that would be the first time PC players get to play H5 and I’d like the campaign to actually be good so it would need reworking with passion

Get an outside team to work on porting it while 343 focuses on infinite

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Which thankfully is what I’ve done. I am never installing Halo Infinite again, and I will be staying with Halo 5 and MCC (especially 5 because I hold it so dearly not only for it being my first Halo game, but especially because it was responsible for starting 90% of my current friendships).


Nah, MCC isn’t my speed. I’ll just mess around in the H5 forge for awhile.


20 characters long


Why not? MCC is superior to Infinite and H5 in very way… It’s funny and sad to see all these complaints about Halo when players could literally be playing the exact Halo they want in MCC


@LethalQ, because we want both to be good. Believe it or not, we want new games too.


mcc has bad graphics and feels old

also mcc costs money while infinite is free


LOL at graphics… I guess because I play on an OG Xbox one but I would say H2A is graphically superior to Infinite