"Please keep the feedback coming" - Joseph Staten

Infinite and Destiny aren’t even on the same wavelength in terms of enjoyment.

Thing about destiny, though, is the huge fomo side effects. Otherwise, pretty solid way to kill time.

As I’ve said in other post, I hate Bungie. But things have gotten a lot better since they put Luke (play it my way or else) Smith in a time-out.

As it stands now, I feel like a fool for standing by and supporting 343i over the past 6 years.

An amazing quote from TeamRespawn’s video:

“… instead what they do is they talk down on them, they block them, they shadow ban them, they do everything they can to kind of just pretend they don’t even exist. So it’s just so confusing to me why they choose to interact with their fans like this, and I can totally see why Halo is in the image that it is. I mean they do everything that they can to make people not like the state Halo is in.”

Everyone in the gaming industry, everyone who comes in contact with fans and customers should watch this video… It’s honest, sincere and candid “feedback” given respectfully without malice. It’s things like this is why I made this post.


Can’t relate, I stopped supporting them after 4’s release. But, Infinite’s given me the biggest confidence boost since Halo Wars 2.

Please don’t handle such vast amounts of copium, it isn’t safe.

Oh I know it is! It’s a MESS! Absolute mess. The worst part is it’s the best functioning mess 343i has ever made, how sad is that? But unlike the rest of their products, save HW2, it at LEAST has potential. But nah. No, don’t confuse me for a 343i fangirl. Or a Bungie one. They’re both awful for different reasons. But at least I can point at Microsoft as a driving problem calling shots. Bungie? They’re independent. They own their messes.

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I got feedback for you… don’t ban your potential paying customers for leaving a 2v4. But let me guess… the UI doesn’t support it or you have to gather more data and analyse why it’s BS to ban people for not sitting 5 minutes in front of there monitor for nothing. :wink:

Fun fact: it doesn’t prohibit players from playing… it just drives them away. Classic 343… a big bad joke. :smiley:

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Not exactly, old locations will return, but in a context unrelated to its original version.

It’s got loads of potential.
But so far 343 is apparently blind to that potential

This latest post from 343i “CLOSER LOOK: HALO INFINITE’S RANKED EXPERIENCE” is just another sign that they still don’t have a handle on the real problems with Halo Infinite. Indeed, the whole NEWS page seems to be as they say, putting lipstick on a pig. With things like lack of content, desync, cheating and the hated forced cross-play, to go into the minutia of ranked play with all this other stuff going on is disappointing. Especially with a system that seems to be so easily trolled because multi-player is free-to-play…

People often say they want Halo to be the classic Halo. I don’t think they meant Halo design by and for some Esports wannabes.

For my part I just want Halo to be fun; currently it is not…


Halo Infinite is a trash game and by the time it gets to a respectable state anyone with a brain in their head will have moved on long before then. If they decide to scrap that idiotic challenge system and put in a meaningful progression system with actual rewards, maybe it’ll make a comeback.

But that wont happen. Im sure the team at 343 is hard at work on that store page though. Gotta get the $$$$$. Pathetic.

Do yourself a favor and play Elden Ring. Its mind blowingly good. Definitely eases the pain of Halo’s death.


Joe don’t care, Joe’s only there for a big fat paycheck and to be a “comfortable face” whilst 343 destroys halo


It would appear that certain “feedback” is unwelcome, even if it’s to give some hope to fans.


Alright, imma give my feedback.

Based on history: Halo 4 worst MP ever, Halo 5 worst story and most misleading marketing ever, Halo MCC 4 years broken, Halo Infinite has less content than ever, expensive microtransactions, awful netcode, Halo Channel dead as soon as it came out, Halo Waypoint broken, Halo Nightfall hated by almost everyone, there’s no words for Halo TV serie. Games, movies, even simple apps, it is quite clear 343i is not brimming with talented people (to use an euphemism). I’m sure it’s no breaking news if I say this game will never be good. It’s brought to you by the same people who made Craig.

So here’s the feedback: please let another studio, ANY other studio, make Halo Infinite. I implore you 343i to just stop butchering Halo, leave it alone, go away.


If i may add:
343i messed up big time with the Halo CE remaster, Halo Wars 2 multiplayer is still broken to this day (despite being full price) and the MCC was actually broken for 6 years with the promise of being fixed few months after it released (it never was)


I don’t think that ANY studio can fix their current mess in HI, but they should definitely give Halo 7 to a different company and with a different CEO who has the fun as her top priority rather than the diversity and who is male or female and what race in the game (yeah, seriously, go read her Wikipedia page). We don’t want anyone’s personal problems and political correctness in the video game.

The next Halo game should be for Mature audience or even 18+, have lots of blood and destructive visual effects, some metal music, and of course global chat. Whoever is a pansy with sensitive eyes should turn on filters and turn off the chat, blood etc. in his/her own Client’s settings.

The protagonist should be the Master Chief, the UNSC military should have a strong presence, and the enemies should have a variety as in HI (at least they did that right) rather than shooting boring sentinels and promethean machines like we did in H4…


I’d buckle in for a ride then. I HIGHLY doubt a h7 is coming anytime soon and I doubt sincerely Microsoft will give halo to another studio

I don’t disagree that this halo is in a really bad state but I do disagree that it can’t come back. H5 toxicity was WAY worse then this and it came back around to be a decent game.

No halo is even going to be 2, 3, reach or even some multiplayer aspects of 4 and 5. There will always be horrible things that ruin our nostalgia.

I will say I love this halo’s gameplay. I love the environment and the story and in not even on top notch gear and graphics.

I love halo, and will always love halo, but Its no far cry to say this isn’t fixable and there is a middle ground to make us all happy.

Cont. Cuz I remembered something

I personally think it’s time for chief to be retired. I’m not saying bullet takes him out; personally I’d rather see him raise moas on reach lol.

But with our Spartans being canon and all we do is train? Then in between games we die? That’s kinda sucky.

Ops was ambitious, but the 360 was not the hardware to do what they wanted to. I think in order to phase chief out revisiting ops is the way to look.

Chief deserves a linear story our Spartans can follow till chiefs last big mission and the torch is passed to us.

Chiefs VA is old (all respect to him.) And chief himself is an older man.

I understand this is a controversial take but I really hoped halo was going to a direction where we earned our way through passes an armor tied to play styles commendations and medals in open cell worlds like campaign. Similar to 3,4 and reach. Arena is arena that’ll never change but whats the point of mp Spartans if all they do is train and die in masse? Seems like a massive waste of resources to me.

Also, I AGREE WE NEED AN M RATING BACK! Blood on the floor explosions and works!

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Yes, Halo Infinite can be fixed, not by 343i though, they’re not capable to do it.


They can do amazing story telling but they need to be taken away from mp. I think another studio who understands what we’re actually looking for arena wise needs to come in

We really need actual story telling for our Spartans. Ops was GOATED just unpolished and rushed. We need better customization options instead of coatings. And we need a legitame way to EARN everything. Even if it’s through a mind numbing credit grind.


this is my stance on it exactly. they really need to buckle down and put some serious work into this game and stop trying to placate people with insufficient ‘updates’ and shop content.


If only they had done that with anthem. We could be flying as sky Spartans while we wait for better content