"Please keep the feedback coming" - Joseph Staten

If only we could give open, sincere, candid, and yes, constructive feedback. Not only about Halo Infinite and 343i, but also about Halo Waypoint. The current state of Halo Infinite, the Halo franchise and all the parts in between, have significant bearing on the greater Xbox/Microsoft environment. Just ask the people who are now second guessing their purchase of the Halo Infinite limited edition Xbox. Or those who have lost interest the Paramount+ Halo TV series. The low and cratering player base will have consequences.

The March Halo Infinite Update was marginal at best, completely inadequate at worst. 343i needs to do somethings now! Not sometime later. It’s been 6 years… To hear that co-op in this new Halo open world is going to be delayed yet again (something that Destiny has had since 2014) only continues to erode confidence in 343i and their abilities to support this so-called Halo Infinite live service.

Supplemental: Given recent events I’m reevaluating my relationship with Bungie.

I believe the current toxicity whether in this forum or in the greater Halo community is just a symptom of the continuing frustration and disappointment in Halo.

Unfortunately, we continue to see that they do not want real and open “feedback”. Even if it’s to give some hope to Halo fans. As I have warned before this will only serve to hurt Halo Infinite and 343i in the long run…


Were you going to give feedback during or after this post?

Because I think 343 already knows the game isn’t meeting community standards.


I believe Sean W said it in his new video today.

Halo doesn’t really have a lot of new fans. They are mostly Millennials/X’rs with fond memorys of the franchise. It was clear on launch people really do love HALO in it’s entirety.

Once the relationship with these groups of people is ruined it’s over for the franchise. 343i short term greed and ineptitude on basic game design on monetization is putting a sour taste in our mouth.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself on this but HALO’s legacy since 4 is just one of consistent failure. While i think Infinite is 343i’s last and only chance to appeal to the base.

It’s starts with not putting the problems onto the consumer.

Game Delayed a year - Sorry Covid
BTB Broken ~ Sorry we are on Holiday
You want an update? Sorry priority 0.
You want your servers to work? Sorry war in Ukraine.
We want your feedback! (Never responds openly to feedback)

ALSO 343i employees telling lucid to take his post down about the state of the game rather then just fixing the actual game is priceless.


When did that happen? Because to me that sounds like -Yoink!-.


Not sure. Hope for the best. But as it stands now, I’m preparing for the worst.


This is very spot on. Anyone who’s ever taken any formal leadership training would know that shifting the blame is an example of poor leadership. Strong leadership owns up to their mistakes and accepts accountability.


Making stuff up, are we? Lol


Okay first off. I watch Sean W and see him tweet. He’s not that type of person.

Like at all. If you get blocked by a 343 employee or content creator maybe take some time to look at yourself.


He has flip flopped a few times in his videos but to his credit he does admit it. He really wasn’t wrong saying the community is being toxic because we are.

A lot of us actually really liked infinite at launch.
It’s just that we all came the realization of 343i’s short comings at different times.

The Boys Unknown are my favorite. :skull:



Look at what you just said. You just proved his point.

Man f*** Sean W. Bash game, bash game, bash game. Oh wait, its us that is the toxic hivemind?

At first it wasn’t that bad. Then it progressively worse. Then the ukraine thing happened and that’s when I noticed some pretty nasty behavior.

It seems to be a recurring trend for fans to just go off on devs. Like full send rants and I’m tired of it. He’s tired of it, too. I mean come on.


I don’t care that he admits it. He bashes the game just as hard as the rest of the community the tries to shift blame. Pretty ironic when he’s one of the people leading that angry mob huh?

They’re a riot


He bashes the game a lot less than we do.
What else would you call what happened to reddit other than an angry mob?
Saying the community is toxic doesn’t mean you can’t still give the game criticism


Lol. Tries to sound smart by quickly replying and then have to delete it because I replied to you in a different post


It may be toxic but it doesn’t tend to have people screaming death threats just because they don’t like a video game

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Now multiple that by 100, because that’s what Reddit was.

Besides, are you trying to help me prove my point by giving examples of extreme toxicity? Lol

Death threats are not okay in ANY capacity.

Like what the -Yoink-?

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Exactly my point Gus. Don’t reference reddit when bringing up toxicity. They go hand in hand with that platform.

You have a thick head

Halo is mostly comprised of people who have been with the franchise since Day One, however because Infinite is F2P it of course attracts new people and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve not seen as big of a divide in the history of Halo’s life as I’ve seen with Infinite.

Vets of the franchise hate the F2P element of Infinite and all of the crap that it brings, however there ARE people who like it, which is where the divide takes place. You’ll constantly see people telling people to stop complaining because it’s a free game, and clearly these are the F2P players who likely never would have played the game if it wasn’t F2P.

We live in weird times in the Gaming industry and Idk what the solution is.