Please keep Fiesta as a playlist even after this event

I’ve just played my first few games and it has been a blast, both from a gameplay and progression perspective.

I would be sad to see Fiesta leave after this week, as it has been prominently featured in both MCC and Halo 5 as a regularly selectable playlist.

Please keep Fiesta as a playlist option even after this week’s event has finished.

Edit: correction - it is a featured playlist in MCC and permanent in Halo 5 - that said it should be permanent in Halo Infinite as well.


I imagine it will become a rotational playlist in future, like how it is in MCC. But we shall see…

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It was my favourite double exp gametype in Halo 3 but admittedly the charm for me was it popping up infrequently.

I played it all weekend when it was on. Probably wouldn’t have reached 5* general without Fiesta honestly aha.

I didn’t play it much in H5 because I’m not a fan of Team Fiesta only FFA. I won’t be playing for another 30 mins or so, is this FFA or team?

Fiesta is always in the Match Composer - is it not? I will check later today to be sure, but I don’t think it rotates in MCC or Halo 5 - it’s always there.

Not sure about Halo 5, but I’m pretty sure it is rotational in MCC. It might even be live on MCC right now - if it is, I think it has a yellowy/golden icon whereas the standard ones are all blue.

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At least let us save the gametype for custom games.


So I’m both with the OP – I love Fiesta, it’s one of my favorite game modes – and against him. I think it’s better when Fiesta isn’t always available. It’s nice to be able to shake things up a little.

Similarly, I hope they have Fiesta Big Team Battle in the future. And I like that this is available for a full week rather than just the weekend. And a good week in the States to have this running!

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Completely agree here. It should be available for custom matches.

Ah you are correct!!

I just logged on to MCC to confirm.

I apologize for the confusion and appreciate the correction, I was thinking of the standard Action Sack playlist by mistake (though I can’t confirm if Fiesta may appear in there already as well… lol.)

I do not like Fiesta. Always seem to spawn with horrible weapons and my enemies get Rockets and More Rockets.

However, I agree that it should stay as a playlist at the very least for the time being. The game needs more playlists - keep incorporating more until we’re up to speed!

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I love fiesta. I would always play a couple matches every day if it were permanent.


Spawning with a random piece of equipment is a wonderful enhancement to the gametype and really showcases how fun and great Halo Infinite’s sandbox is.

I think they desperately need more playlists. Once they introduce a separate slayer playlist and maybe one like action sack or something, then it makes sense to throw fiesta in a rotation