Please just consolidate Coatings and Emblems

This is the simplest cosmetic change that could be made to instantly improve the customization model of the game.

A coating, or emblem should be treated as a single unlock applicable to ALL items. Much like how attachments are single unlocks applicable to all, or most core-compatible helmets.

There’s no reason multiple versions of any of these items need to exist. It both clutters the unlock system, and will create major issues as more cores, weapons, and vehicles release by increasing the number of cloned copy items in the game significantly. Making them hard to keep track of, and sort through.

There should be no such thing whatsoever as separate categories for these cosmetics.


In otherwords make the coatings universal like Shaders in Destiny and not have the emblems be excessively spliced up, I dig it.


Or they can just kill the Core system entirely.
It just doesn’t work and suffocates our creativity. Cross coring will be a bandaid at best. What will really work is just to have a single arsenal to mix and match your Core and armor pieces, then let us “Save Looks”

Heck, they could even monetize this : You can save up to 5 looks by default, but you need to buy additional slots to save more looks.

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thats a good compromise

If they could make any attachment work with any helmet, or allow you to have multiple chest pieces or helmet pieces together the games customization would drastically improve.

I’d rather have clipping and be able to just fix it myself by changing it then not have any options at all

The only reason I don’t mind the core system, is that it allows more unique sets like Yoroi to be added with a slew of different attachments for different parts.

Yoroi shoulders, chests, knees, and utility attachments wouldn’t fit the shape of the other two cores. And if, say, they add Mark VI as a core in the future it wouldn’t fit the shape of most of MV[b] and MVIIs chest attachments either.

Helmets and visor colors absolutely can cross core and at the very least visor colors should. But the other pieces I totally understand the reasoning for core limiting them.

Let us look as ridiculous as we used to be able to in otherwords?

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The only reason I believe they do this is because it appears they’re giving us “more” stuff. Which is true because they made things separate from each other. Hence different armor cores to collect for.

Also the same reason why they only give us 1 armor shoulder piece at a time :turtle:

thats the problem, it doesn’t feel like “more”, it feels like extra stuff, but not “more” stuff we can use as we please.

Doesn’t matter, and I do not care.
If I want to mismatch my stuff and look like a clown with metal plates taped to me, I should be able to. I own the goods, don’t tell me how I can use them.

Especially since they don’t confer any bonuses in gameplay anyway.

Well tbh the game has the same reach customization just with more limitations it seems. MCC killed it with their goofy visors, swords, backpacks etc and wished some of those things returned

well, reach with excessive restrictions yes.

indeed MCC did.

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