Please investigate the forge lighting!

When forging on both Erosion and ravine, i get to the same point and the lighting cuts out, ruining my work. I have tried saving and reloading- which then puts the brightest light overevery piece on the map. I have only used around 3000 budget and have many pieces left, including nearly all decorative items. This FORGEHUB thread ‘light-derping’ explains how others are being affected by the same glitch. I am an avid forger and have been since Halo 3, its probably my favourite part of the game. i was very happy to see the new object pallettes, and it seems framerate has been improved too. Sadly this is wrecking forge completely for many, so please try and help 343!!!

here is the link to the Forgehub thread; hope someone else cares about this too!

Just got this today. I haven’t had the issue on Impact yet and the map I built was pretty heavy (Heavy, referring to the amount of objects used). Just built a moderately heavy map on Erosion down over the lake and all the walls have no lighting at all and the rocks that take up a good portion of the map are black. So now everything is brightly lit, discolored, and high contrast. Need a fix for this ASAP that does not include deleting a large amount of objects.