Please invest time on optimization for RX400/500 GPUs

The RX400/500 series of GPUs (Polaris) make the 4,81% of all the graphics card in use according to Steam statistics, so are A LOT and I know, old cards, but not everyone was able to buy a new RTX3000 or RX6000 this year, most people are stuck with old hardware!
Currently the game runs terrible on the 580 in particular, and it’s not just me, friends of mine and posts on reddit are complaining about the same thing, plus leaked benchmarks are saying “16 FPS Avg” on 1080p max setting, 16 fps, how is 16 even possible? Cyberpunk 2077 on maxed gets double the frames!
I can barely play multyplayer, it’s insane how bad this game runs on my hardware, we’re talking about 38~ fps 1080p low, barely 60~ by setting 60-72 min-max…
Please 343i, invest on more optimization! I really don’t want to refund it today, but I prob will at this point.

Edit: well, no day one update whatsoever, had to refund it, after reaching the open world the game was barely playable, 28 fps on low.


Im on the RX 570 and just made it to the first open world section and I went from 60fps on LOW during the indoor missions, to 10-20fps now that it’s in the open world. Unplayable and my series x won’t be here for another month ffs

lol same here, i was thinking the whole game was going to be smooth (i was averaging 80 during the first two levels) as soon as that door opened and i stepped outside my game was extremely sluggish and eventually crashed. great experience…

RX 580 here and when I got to the open world i was hitting 19-22fps. I downloaded it on my 6 year old Xbox one and the game runs great. So i guess ill be playing there till they optimize the game for us or in a few years when I’m able to get a damn video card. The optimization is a joke in this game. When I’m able to play
ForzaH5 on high at 60+fps. smh


Please make tickets through your drivers and through halo waypoint support complaining of how low FPS is, it’s outrageous

I made a ticket about this, make sure you all do the same so It gets 343’s attention quicker.