Please, I beg you, someone tell me what's up with all the Hating?

Whether the leaked info is real or not, it sounds great! They are fixing some problems that I can’t stand and adding new features. Sure, I like the way Halo 3 plays and it is a very good game, but most of you should be smart enough to know that devs can’t make the SAME game for years (a la Mario). The franchise will start declining in success. So far, I love what they are doing and I’m looking forward to Halo 4 at the end of this year more than any other game. You may say that I’m not a true Halo fan, but I really am a TRUE Halo fan because despite all of the changes they are making to the game, I still can’t wait to play it.

How am I not a true fan? If there’s anyone who isn’t a true fan, it’ those who can’t stand change and and won’t play new games because of those changes. The true Halo fans are the few among us who still love Halo after hearing the changes and loved Reach and will love Halo 4. I am one of them. I am a true Halo fan.

Thank this topic if you are a TRUE Halo fan based on what I said or post that you are a true Halo fan because you like the changes.

Or, if you are one of the fake Halo fans, tell me why there is so much hate towards Halo 4.