Please Help

Hey guys, i have no idea where else I could post this but I am having a few problems on Halo Reach.

Now I havent played for a good 2 months now, and I went to have a play yesterday and I could not connect to the Reach server. I reset my modem and xbox and tried again but still couldnt connect.

So I chucked in a different game and played online no problem. I already have an open NAT (so Halo says) so it’s not that…

Is it a problem my end? Or do I need to wait it out and hope I can connect soon? Any info is welcome… Thaks guys!


might be the disk i have that happen alot then it got to a point where i would load matchs and it would get the load failure and it would boot be back to the lobby and no game would load. my reach disk was bad. check and see if its dirty or has scratches.

I doubt it because I tried Halo 3, Halo ODST and Reach and none of them connect, where as other games play online without a problem! Should I be emaling 343?