PLEASE HELP Why can't I launch MCC with halo 2

I launch MCC on when i have halo 2 multiplayer installed. I don’t know why. Whenever I try to launch MCC on steam, with halo 2 it just goes to a Back screen or sometimes it is a black screen with a MCC logo in the bottom right. So if you know how i could fix this, please reply.

Have you validated the installation files through Steam? Do you hear the intro music and get the logos at the start?

I don’t know. But yes i do get the music and logos. Then it goes to black.

That sounds like corrupt files, possibly. Try running a file validation through Steam.

File Validation?

Is that in properties? Checking integrety or no

That’s the one. :slight_smile:

Because it is Broken.
the loading times are too long for what you get, I personally di not like Halo 2 like everyone else seems to.
And the state it is in does not make me like it more.
I get Fatal Engine Errors and the game crashing outright, it has even crashed so hard that it restarted my PC.

If Halo 3, ODST and Reach ever get a Nice 2014 Quality Graphics Touch Up (with the ability to swap back to classic graphics with TAB)
I hope they are in better shape. but I doubt we will see it on MCC. Maybe if they release MCC on Xbox Series X, then we might see Annivs of those.
But, yea. Halo 2 is in a poor state IMO, for a while I couldnt even launch the game, but I could launch Halo 2A Forge HAHAHA.

yeah thats what i thought i just wanted to try halo 2 aniversary multiplayer

If you are still getting issues after verifying your files through Steam, then make a Support Ticket –
I haven’t seen any of the issues described and have been able to play all of the games without issue, so it isn’t a common problem at all.