Please Help-tv issues

So i have an xbox and a pc and usually i play on my pc but lately i want to kick back and relax and just play ok my xbox. Its hooked up to a rather large lg tv and i notice there is a good bit of input lag.

I have it on game mode and mcc is the only game i experiece this on. Infinite, 5, fortnite etc it all runs perfectly and smoothly. I always hook up my wired fusion controller as well.

Anyone have any idea on what i can do to fix this. The only reaon I’m not playing solely mcc right now is because i prefer relaxing as opposed to setting up at my desk but the input delay is so noticeable, i just cant enjoy the game at all.

Could HDR coloring being on be an issue? Thats the only setting i havent tweaked on the tv yet (that i know of)

Maybe try playing around with to just tv settings, but also maybe xbox settings, think I had similar problem before once and was just a conflicting setting that fixed my problem

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Yeah it was the HDR color settings. Once I turned it off, it felt great

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