Please Help, Tried to redeam legendary collection code but the download failed

Hey I just tried to redeem my code for the Halo Reach Legendary edition, and it said the download was pending. After a few minutes it said the download failed. After that I could not find where to reselect the download, so I tried to re-enter the code, but it said I’ve redeemed it.

Is there any way I can reselect the download?

Please any help would be much appricated

Hi. I have the same problem. I rang up microsoft and they said they know about the problem and are trying to fix it. Also to redownload once it’s fixed, go to your xbox desktop thing. Then go to account managment. Then go to download history. It’s all in there.
Hope I helped.

Thank you very much.

I just went and did that and it downloaded in a few seconds.