PLEASE HELP!!! Reqs not loading!

I’ve just started playing Halo 5 for the 2nd time today and earlier on I was having no trouble at all but just now I started by playing a game of warzone firefight on sanctum, we won the game but since then my exp/rp aren’t going up and now when I go into a warzone game it’s not letting me choose my reqs, and also I can’t go to the req store or open my new req packs because it keeps saying retrieving data, has anyone else encountered this problem before? Is there any way to fix it? Please let me know!

Normally a hard reset of the Xbox will fix your issue. Sometimes stuff like that happens.
If you haven’t tried, hold down the power button on your Xbox until it shuts down. Wait until a minute, and turn it back on. That should fix the problem.

Try restarting your game or doing a hard reset of your Xbox, that usually works for most people

That worked :smiley: thanks guys, also glad now because I’ve just realised I’ve won 4 gold packs haha

Congrats on the gold packs, and glad we could help.

Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for me several hard resets later and I’m still unable to see my Reqs, use Reqs in game or anything of the like. Does anyone know if this is due to hard drive memory space?

I have my hard drive nearly full and I’m wondering if this plays into the issue. Please help if you can, warzone is pointless if you can’t load your reqs. You’re stuck shooting your pistol and AR

The problem I have been having is that I will open a gold pack and I will receive an error. It will then tell me the pack was already opened. As a result, I don’t get to see what I unlocked. This has happened to 4 out of the last 12 packs I have opened.

REQs and XP still count even if you get errors or can’t use any. I’ve had this happen a few times.