Please help me with the backup server issue

I’ve been investigating why on friday my account passed from been a SR 43 to a SR 1 with a black armor. The only answer I’ve found is that am on a “backup server” and that for helping me you need some info about me so here’s my info:
A) Gamer Tag : Xseric the wolf
B) Location: México
C) Last time played? Friday
D) Were you using Mtn Dew XP? No
E) What rank are you? SR 43
F) Were you in a match or Idle? Match
G) Can you connect to anyone else? No
H) Have you tried cleaning your Cache or doing other things to try to solve the problem? Yes

I hope you can help me, I mean, you’re professional people. I’m saying this because I have seen that a lot of people is on the same situation. This is a real problem that if it continues it will make you lose a lot of money. Be professional