Please Help Me, I've been banned!

I know that this is probably the 100,000th post about people being banned and despite reading the F.A.Q, I cannot find a decent explanation to what has happened. During a game of Big Team CTF on Halo 4, a notification popped up on my screen entitled “Information”. I quickly discarded it as I was mid way through a game. By the time it had ended I got another message saying “Player has been banned from playing matchmaking on Xbox Live. You cannot start matchmkaing with banned players in the Lobby.”

Can someone with a knowledge in this matter please explain to me what has happened as I have not committed any acts against the code of conduct and I am most definitely not a modder and/or hacker! If someone does happen to find an explanation as to why I have been banned, can an answer for “how long?” be given to me?

In your stats I can see a lot of DNFs so it could be a quit ban which should last 60 minutes.

Yeah, probably all those laggy games that I bailed out on. I might check again now to see if I’m unbanned.