Please help me get a review copy

Hey guys I have been trying to get in touch with Microsoft and 343 for the past week to ask for a review copy of halo 5. The reason i want it so bad is because my no no (grandfather in italian) is getting worse and worse health wise from asbestos. He has enjoyed watching me play halo over the years and he would ocasionaly play himself (but wasn’t ever too good being in his 70s). I want to play halo 5 with him before anything happens please help me halo community! Also I understand many if you will not belive me but I would be happy to Skype video chat or meet up with any employee of Microsoft or 343 to prove my story. Bottem line is can anyone help me get in touch with an employee of 343? Thank you all!!!

Halo 5 doesnt have split screen so you would need 2 copies. Still, no.

This is absolutely disgusting.

Don’t make a no no a promise if you know you can’t keep.

But no. Don’t think this will slide, buddy. Eck.

I’m not sure if you’re actually telling the truth considering you were just asking for a copy a few hours ago for a let’s play, but even if it’s true I doubt Halo would be your biggest priority while your no no is in such(supposedly) poor condition, and even so you can just wait 2 weeks.

I think, at this point, if you haven’t been reached out to by MS/343 then you’re just gonna have to hang tight like everyone else. Sorry.