Please help me find a song {Halo 2 song} Please!

So this is a song I’ve always wanted to find but can’t.

It’s very similar to
High Charity.

Yet it’s not this. It’s almost the same yet slightly altered in ways.

The song I want to get is this one. It starts at 5:21 {so skip video if want}

As I said it’s similar in ways to the high charity but not the same. I can not find this song anywhere and to be honest haven’t been able to since Halo 2 came out -__-

This. 5:20 in

I hope someone can help. Thank you

That actually is High Charity. The way the game does audio is not in a soundtrack like manner. Marty uses a system that brings different elements of a track in and out of the game based on what is going on. What the soundtrack typically is doing is bringing those elements in one by one to build up to a climax for the piece and then fade out for the soundtrack specifically. What you’re listening to is essentially the game-specific composition at that time during the game.