Please Help Me Complete the Assassination Commendation For standard Venator Armor by Server Sunset

Population is low/erratic on Halo 4, and I need help :pray:t4: obtaining the standard Venator Armor (by completing 140 Assassinations], before Server Sunset.
I figure, the most efficient playlist to do this in would be Rumble Pit, since it’s FFA, so one could just consecutively assassinate everyone, without teammates hindering the amount per match.
If anyone else wants to get this too, I’m willing to reciprocate. (“Scratch my back & I’ll scratch yours.”)
(Minimum capacity is 6 players, but loads faster at 8/max capacity, so double the minimum is needed for quicker & stable matchmaking.)
And we can take turns on a per match basis.
(1 person assassinates everyone in a match, then the next person assassinates everyone in a match, cycling through everyone, 'til we’ve all completed/obtained it.)
I’ll be online as much as I can, daily, 'til the servers sunset, so if you’re able & willing, I’d greatly appreciate your help. :bowing_man:t4:
(Message me, to join/party up, and/or just find me in Rumble Pit.)
Hope to see you there, Spartans! :wave:t4:

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I obtained the standard Venator armor last night! :smiley:

Thank You So Much :pray:t4: :bowing_man:t4: to the 6~8 random Spartans, for letting me assassinate their AFC (away from controller) Guest Live accounts! You guys are the MVP! :smile:

I’m now gunning for the final two I’d like to obtain & need help with them as well:

  • Perfection Commendation - Contoured SHARD Vambraces (forearm armor)
  • King of the Hill Victory Commendation - War Master PRIMAL Pauldrons (shoulder armor)

As always, I appreciate any/all help anyone’s willing to provide!



I obtained the Contoured SHARD Vambraces (forearm armor) on Wed. 12, the night before Server Sunset! :smiley:
Thank You So Much :pray:t4: :bowing_man:t4: to (unsure if I’m allowed to name you?: FiniteInfinite8 ) for being so patient, accommodating, & letting me farm your AFC Guest Live accounts! You’re also the MVP! :smile: Good Hunting out there, Spartan!

As for the War Master PRIMAL Pauldrons (shoulder armor), after seeing the preview of it in-game, its design
(upside-down ‘T’) isn’t what I thought it looked like when I managed to look up the one image I could find on Google,
so I decided not to pursue it.

My Halo 4 armor set is now complete! :relieved:
(For the curious, just message me & I’ll let you know what I’m fully rockin’.)

[Feel free to lock this topic now, Mods…! :+1:t4: ]