Please help me. I have spent hours trying to get the specialization code for Halo 4. I have called xbox support 3 times and finally someone has led me to this forum. I have halo 4 standard edition and have played before the 20th of November. My email has a birth date of 1980, meaning I am old enough to recieve it. Xbox support told me everything I needed to have to get it and I have every single bit of it. I did not recieve it as a xbox message or on my email. According to about 3 forrums, the emails and xbox messages are done being sent and all of my friends have it accept for me. After I told xbox support that I meet all of the requirements, they said it was not their promotion and the could get it is through this very forum. I hope xbox supprot doesn’t fail me this time. If anyone who bought the limited edition and is willing to give the code away, please choose me. I have spent way too much time trying to get this and I REALY, REALY want it. If someone who works for 343 is reading this, then please help me. If you don’t work for 343 then I can still use your help. I would be so happy if anyone could help me get this because I don’t want to have to end up buying the code for $40 on ebay.

I sent u a PM but u need to have preferences set to everyone to view it… Anything to trade?

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