PLEASE HELP! I need some Maps & Gametypes...

Next month I’m having a huge get-to-together with friends to play a load of Halo 3. But when I transferred my Hard Drive’s data from my old 360 to my new slim, for some reason all of my gametypes and map variants got deleted. I’ve tried using the File Search on but its not proving to be very helpful, so I need the Waypoint community to please do your best and help me out if you can.

This is a list of all of the files that I need:

  • Zoom (Infection) on Zoom (Sandtrap) (there was lots of guns and vehicles laid out at the humans’ spawn and the Zombies were super fast)
  • Cyclone (Infection) on Cyclone (Sandbox) (the Zombie had Rockets and a Sniper on a platform, whilst humans were on Mongooses and had to drive on this elaborate track that had a teleporter at the end, it was made in the Sky Bubble)
  • Sniper Canyon (Valhalla) (made specially for Team Snipers)
  • Sandtrap Snipes (Sandtrap) (made specially for Team Snipers)
  • Narrows Snipes (Narrows) (made specially for Team Snipers)
  • Epitaph SWAT (Epitaph) (made specially for SWAT variants) (not Epilogue)
  • SWATbound (Snowbound) (made specially for SWAT variants) (not Boundless)
  • SWATout (Blackout) (made specially for SWAT variants)
  • SWAT Guardian (Guardian) (made specially for SWAT variants)

If you recognise these files and have them or know where to find them, please link up with me sometime to share them, or if you can send me a link for where to find them, that would be awesome, or if you can put them in a file share I’d be really grateful! Thank you!

UPDATE: I now have Braaaains on Haunted Manor, Cat & Mouse on Cat & Mouse and Shark on Jaws. So I’ve removed them from the list.

Well… for anyone who actually read this thread… it got a lot of views… so thanks for taking a look I guess.

As it happens, I have fully recovered all that was lost. So I’m no longer in need of any maps/gametypes anymore! HOORAY!

I’ll have a look at what Halo 3 files I have and get back to you. I’ll try to find a few on forgehub for you too.